When working on a project, I like feeling part of it and being passionate about the thing I’m illustrating. So my favourite collaboration so far is with a small company in London called Salty Jitterbugs. Together we created a swing-dance festival from scratch, which is now in its 4th edition and has become international, with dancers, teachers and bands coming from all over Europe and the US. The festival is called “Mind the Shag” — a name inspired by the iconic “Mind the Gap”.

Collegiate Shag is a swing dance that was popular in the US in the 30s; it’s danced with a partner, primarily to fast swing and pre-swing jazz music. I take care of all the illustrations, graphics, and social-media material, and I love it because every year I can have fun with the topic and come up with a slightly new concept. Plus I’m an active part of the organisation and I dance swing myself, so I feel this collaboration as a big part of me and my work.

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