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Brillo Magazine

How does your creative process develop? My creative process can vary depending on whether I am working for a client or on a personal project. If I am working on a brief for a client, I first consider what is to be achieved through the illustration. Then I start researching the key words and concepts of the brief. Then I start sketching. I used to draw on paper with a pen for this phase, but I have to say that nowadays I prefer digital more and more (less paper; let’s help the planet when we can)...

Creativepool Editorial

Despite having to find her way into a competitive industry, Simona kept going. Despite breaking three fingers in her dominant hand, Simona kept going. Despite not having a publisher, Simona kept going and made a successful Kickstarter campaign to publish her book. We now know there's nothing that can stop or slow down her strong will.

"Never give up" and "find your own identity" are the two pro tips she has for creatives just starting out. And we can tell she followed them herself to perfection, developing her own, beautiful style after years of professional practice...

Cluster London

As Cluster London announces the launch of its first artist-in-residence programme, we speak to artists and illustrators who have moved to London from around the world, to discover their experience of the city and its impact on their life and work. This week we spoke with illustrator Simona De Leo. Originally from Puglia, Italy, Simona moved to London in 2014, and is particularly inspired by the city’s vibrant music scene...

The C word magazine

Check out illustrator Simona de Leo, especially her GIF and illustration that she created especially for Mental Health Awareness week this year.

Linkiesta (Ita)

La mia passione più grande è illustrazione per l’infanzia e lavoro molto a contatto con le scuole e i bambini.
Durante il lockdown, ascoltando i racconti dei miei amici e dei loro figli ho notato che i più piccoli erano per la maggior parte felici di passare più tempo con la loro famiglia. Incuriosita da questo pensiero ho deciso di chiedere direttamente ai miei conoscenti cosa pensassero i loro bambini della quarantena. Così è nato il mio progetto Bimbi in quarantena che illustra le risposte arrivate da ogni parte del mondo...

Great Art magazine

From my very first memory, I remember myself with a brush or a pencil in my hand, playing with oil colors rather than toys. I have a BA degree in comics and illustration gained in Italy (Bologna) and I love children’s books. I won the “draw the Big Draw Logo competition” and a £250 voucher for GreatArt materials.
Obviously, winning the competition gave me more strength and a desire to draw more. The prize gave me the possibility to explore new materials and realize my first exhibition in London which took place this February at  The Gallery Café in Bethnal Green...

Picame (Ita)

Questa è la storia di Simona De Leo, illustratrice pugliese trapiatata a Londra, che scopre quanto sia differente l’inglese realmente parlato all’estero rispetto a quello che si studia sui libri di scuola. È spaesata, fatica a comprendere alcune espressioni apparentemente strambe, i modi di dire, gli scioglilingua e lo “slang”. Per aiutarsi mette su carta, in maniera didascalica, le frasi che sente pronunciare durante le sue giornate in giro per la città...

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