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Il pinguino innamorato – Animated music video

Project type

Video animation


Illustrator, Designer, Animator

I had the pleasure to illustrate and design the cover for the digital release of this single and also animate the music video.
My inspiration comes from the silent movies of the 20s, keeping the characters funny and cute, my lines transforms in each frame to become something else and create the movement and scene, following the lyrics and style of the song.

The video is made with Callipeg app with a frame by frame traditional technique.

Music credits:
Blair Crimmins-Vocal/Banjo
Lino Muoio - Mandolin

An over seas collaboration, born from the challenges and travel restrictions of a pandemic, Blair Crimmins (Atlanta GA) and Lino Muoio (Naples, Italy), worked remotely on opposite sides of the world to record a new version of an Italian jazz classic. Il Penquino Innamorato, a song by the much beloved Italian female singing group of the 1940’s Trio Lescano, is now a bluesy number that sounds straight out of the American south with Crimmins’s scratchy vocals and banjo along with Muoio’s one of a kind blues mandolin. The addition of trumpet, trombone and clarinet by Terminus Horns, give the song a traditional New Orleans jazz feel like Bourbon Street meets the Venetian Grand Canal.

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