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Branding – Lara wedding planner

Project type

Branding, Logotype


Illustrator, Designer

Lara is an emerging wedding planner based in Bologna, Italy.
I was approached by the client to create the logo and branding.
The challenge here was to find a logo that is original and different from all the other wedding planners. Using a modern and clean line but also keeping that classic and elegant feeling that connects to the concept of the wedding.

Unlike the pastel colors and the flower motifs of the common wedding planner logos, I used the name of my client "Lara" to form a logotype that includes the two main emblems of the wedding: The ring and the infinite symbol. I used a strong contrast of colours, gold and petrol blue.

The result is a perfectly balanced, elegant, and modern logo that perfectly reflects the kind of weddings Lara organises.

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