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My alphabet of animals and musical instruments


Illustrator, Designer, Art Director

Project type

Non-fiction children's book / Personal project

Music has always been my biggest passion, and living in London has given me ample opportunities to discover new bands and attend amazing gigs. It was during these nights that I started sketching live musicians, finding endless inspiration that led me to new projects, such as my latest book.

"My Alphabet" is a non-fiction picture book that showcases animals playing original instruments for each letter of the alphabet. My aim is to introduce readers to animals and instruments that are less known, such as the Jerboa playing the Janggu or the Quetzal playing the Quena. It's a fun way to explore the incredible diversity of our world!

I self-published the book and successfully sent over 100 hardback copies all over the world thanks to a one-month Kickstarter campaign. Taking care of all aspects of the project, including organization, marketing, content, and pledges, was challenging, but the experience was also incredibly rewarding.

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