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Tits 'n' Tales – Magazine

Project type

Personal project

Project type

Online magazine


Co-founder, Art director, Illustrator, Designer

Illustration is powerful and I like to use my creativity to raise awareness on causes I care about and to help my community.

With these ideals, I’m the co-founder, together with Silvia Pellegrino, of Tits 'n' Tales — an online-publishing platform that combines creative writing and illustrations; On Tits'n'Tales we tell raw stories based on taboo-breaking, meaningful topics that we care about.

As an Art Director I am responsible for the visual style and images for Tits 'n’ Tales and related social media platforms; create the overall branding and designs for the project; direct other illustrators to develop their artworks; collaborate with the editorial director, writers and illustrators; Recruiting creatives, to develop editorial concepts; oversee creatives to ensure they work productively; coordinate deadlines; maintain compliance to the editorial calendar at all times; create contents for social media.

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