My alphabet book

of animals & musical instruments

Self-published non-fiction picturebook

“Our planet is full of animals and musical instruments, but we don’t know enough about them. My alphabet book aims to let kids and adults discover them”
"My alphabet book" is a non-fiction picture book where for each letter of the alphabet there is an animal playing a musical instrument! My aim is to introduce animals and instruments that are not so well known; for example, you will find the jerboa playing the janggu and the manatee playing the mijwiz.

Swingcalendar 2020

Personal project

As a passionate swing dancer myself,I created this Swingcalendar featuring famous celebrities dancing each month and highlighting thedates of the main swing dance festivals in the world.


solo exhibition, 2016

"Sketchmusic", showcases sketches realised during live music performances.

The exhibition wants to capture the details and emotions of live music, the hands on the piano, the harmonious movement of an accordion... the players lost in their passion for the instrument.

All the proceeds of the exhibition have been donated to the charities:

St. Margaret House and Children with cancer UK. 


Personal project, 2015

SketchEnglish was born when I first moved to London and started to discover the “real spoken language”.
Learning a new language through images is always much easier and more fun.

SketchEnglish focusses on phrasal verbs, idioms, tongue-twisters, pronunciation and many other aspects of English that are not often covered in grammar books.